Sunday, September 26, 2010

Envisioning the Future

In the future, I definitely see myself in sports P.R. in some capacity. Ideally, I would like to work for my favorite baseball team, the New York Mets. However, I do also relaize that that path might be a long one, filled with many years of experience before the Mets even consider a job application from me.

I would probably start off in an agency, so that I can get plenty of experience doing a little bit of everything. Then I would move on to a corporation, so I can build the proper client relationships. Being a younger applicant, I already accept that I may just be getting paid to update Twitter and Facebook (which I feel the Mets need desperate help with, so maybe I'll get my dream job earlier than expected).

However, I do have a strong passion for journalism and I see myself also doing some freelance writing and continuing my current Mets blog. I don't think I could ever not write; it's like a bodily function for me.

I think after I've moved on from the Mets, I would just keep writing and maybe do some non-profit work.

Of course, this is all a very nice dream to have. I know the real road might not be as perfect as I have planned it. I'm gonna end up going where the jobs are. That might mean a big city like New York or Los Angeles or a small town like Tucker, Georgia. But I would like for my first job to be close to home. Home is where my heart will always be.

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