Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have It Your Way

This is the slogan pouplarized by Burger King.

I think the strategy here is to individualize itself from McDonald's, which serves virtually the same food. By using the slogan "have it your way," I think Burger King is trying vaguely to seperate itself from fast food franchises.

However, I don't think it works for them. The slogan is too vague. McDonald's has "America's fries." What does Burger King have, besides from burgers (and those really good funnel cake stick thingys)? I think because Burger King is such a huge corporation, they are able to get away with vague advertising. However, in reality, there are alternate options that more people are gravitating to, such as Five Guys.

Burger King's advertising focuses on a wide audience, making the ads seem impersonal. There is no advertising geared towards kids saying, "Get this really cool toy in your Happy Meal!" I think if Burger King wanted to succeed, they would gear their ads towards a certain audience. "Have it your way" is a good start, but maybe they should focus on what we can have our way instead of just saying we can have it our way.

Now that I think about, "have it your way" might be a little suggestive if read the wrong way.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Importance of Comments

As a baseball blogger, I feel that I very much understand the importance of comments. Before starting my own blog, I blogged on one of the largest Mets fan blogs on the internet. My posts received some of the largest hit numbers ever. Comments, whether they be one comment or fifty comments, are important for a number of reasons, in my opinion:

1) It lets the blogger know you're reading they're stuff. Sometimes I feel like I'm writing to nobody, so seeing a comment on a post is very exciting!
2) It lets the reader express their opinion, whether they agree or disagree with the blogger. The blogger started the conversation, so a comment would be the natural response.
3) It allows the blogger to fight back. Sometimes, I feel that I have to argue my point or clarify something in the posting and the comments allow me to do that.
4) It allows for blogger/reader interaction. <--- Most important!

For writing blog comments, I have one word of advice: keep it short. You may be saying the most perfect thing to continue the conversation, but other readers (and sometimes the blogger) don't want to read comment ramble. Quick, witty comments are more likely to get a response (from me anyway).